Flew home to Los Angeles this week. The airports are definitely back. Flight was packed. I think we are all antsy and want to travel. Chose to sit in first class because I am still a germaphobe and want my own space. Noticed a guy in the gate area before we boarded that seemed to know everyone. He spoke to strangers and friends in the same manner. By the time we made it on the flight I knew I would be sitting next to him. It is just how my life works.

Sure enough, he sat down next to me. Within 2 hours I had made a new bff. He is a defense attorney in Seattle mostly working with DUI cases. He talked me into ordering doubles. I have been looking to find an estate attorney and haven’t had any luck. He was able to give me a recommendation. I am still surprised by how often random encounters bring me what I have been asking for from the universe.

It’s funny how sometimes it is easier to talk to a stranger as opposed to someone you know well. I didn’t feel any need to impress him, to coddle him or to be anything but me. We talked about music, cooking and family and friends. It was lovely. By the end of the flight we had exchanged information. And three other folks had introduced themselves to me and given me their information.

Have you ever noticed that the more you are enjoying yourself, the more other people want to join? This happens to me on a regular basis. I am at a party, a restaurant or plane having a great conversation and the next thing you know someone else leans in. I love when that happens. It doesn’t happen now as often as it did before our electronics were so portable. People are much more in their own world now but I highly recommend having that conversation with a person instead of your computer, phone or tablet. You never know who you are going to meet. Plus after this past year aren’t we all in need of a bit more human contact.

*Foot Note: We discussed the New York Times cooking app, if you have not seen it I highly recommend. Recipes were easy and amazing.

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