Raindrops on Roses..

I think Sunday mornings may be my favorite time of the week. Most people assume it is because I love church. Or that I don’t go out on Saturdays. Neither are true. I loved Sunday mornings as a kid because those are the days that my family had breakfast together. We would make a huge breakfast and no one was ever in a rush. It was the calmest meal of the week. Normally filled with lots of laughter. 

As an adult, Sunday mornings mean brunches and farmer’s markets. Both of which are quite possibly my favorite things. Farmer’s markets are just about the same everywhere. They are always full of new discoveries. I have found some of my favorite jewelry. Been talked into trying new vegetables and fruits. I always leave feeling revigorated. 

I hate Sunday nights though. Like most of us, I dread the end of my weekend. It is the reason I have changed my Sunday nights into Self-Care nights. I make no plans to go out or see anyone. I take a bath in my favorite bath salt. I have a facial with my favorite products. I deep condition my hair with my favorite conditioner. I read a book for fun not for work. It is relaxing. It is about me. It makes the end of the weekend a bit more enjoyable. It is one of my favorite things, even though I don’t love Sunday nights. 

But I love Monday mornings. The start of the week is where everything is still perfect. It is when I can still believe in endless possibilities. It’s when I make my plans and believe I can get them done. It is the only time of the week that I am guaranteed to feel six feet tall and unstoppable.  I used to always tell my assistants the same thing –  tomorrow is a brand-new day. Let today go. But Monday mornings are a fresh start. A fresh week. And that is why Monday mornings may actually be my a favorite. Then again, Tuesday are pretty cool…

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